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Get to meet top students from different business and tech schools in Europe.


Enjoy a nice cocktail and moments during the event to create strong bonds.


Get the opportunity to have your project granted by the sponsors and get the resources to make it come true


Work in a group of 6-9 people and create bounds with them


Attend some of the different talks from the sponsors and partners about how to get grants, Defi, and other general topics.

Open online to anybody!

The Prize pool

30,000€ in XTZ

+ Mentorship opportunities, grants for selected projects
+ Gifts & Souvenirs for all participants

Our partners

The Themes



Classic theme about Blockchain, on how to improve some aspects of the financial topic. Add new features, improve current ones, help adoption. 
Be creative!


One important element here is to focus on the utility aspect of the NFT. How can it bring value to an user? To a company? Find nice applications and make it true.

Transition from web 2.0 to web.30

Many web 2.0 companies go full FOMO in web 3.0. without thinking it properly. Try to think about some interesting topic that could help people & companies to have a smoother transition.


The event will take place at the prestigious campus of HEC Paris, in Jouy-en-Josas.

Friday: HEC Castle

Sat-Sunday: HEC Paris S building

Hackathon 2022

See how it happened last year!

The Agenda 13th to 15th of October


Opening cocktail at Le Chateau

Introduction speech with presentation of the hackathon and sponsors

Projects ideas pitching in amphitheater

Selection of the projects by vote

Join a team and start the Hackathon!



Breakfast lunch and dinner included


Sponsors and partners' talks


Pitch practice


Brunch included

Pitching practice 

Final pitch

Jury + Rewards

Ending ceremony


Frequently Asked Questions

How much cost the event?

It is for FREE for all the participants. Only a deposit is required to sign-up, and it will be refunded at the event.

What kind of profiles are you looking for?

Tech, Business, with advanced or limited knowledge of blockchain, anybody is welcome. 

At least 80% of students, and 60% of Tech.

Can we participate online?

The event is in person. However, you can still follow the progress thanks to some punctual retransmissions online, the different conferences, for the pitches, and the rewards ceremony


How long will the hackathon last?

It starts on Friday evening and ends on Sunday mid-day. See the schedule for more details.

Who can participate?

Professional or Student in Tech, in Business with interest in blockchain and web3.0.

How do I participate?

Just sign-up on the link above, a deposit will be required to save your spot but will be refunded, there are 100 spots available.

Can I participate alone?

Yes, you can come by yourself and either propose or join a project


Where can I find a team?
There will be a discord available, but teams will be formed at the event


What will the mentors do?
They will help you with development, pitch, business aspects, organization etc.


How Likely am I to win?

There are 10 prizes from 1000 to 5500 euros, plus bonuses. The number of teams are about 10-15 max. Your chances are then very high to get something in addition to a marvelous experience.


Can I get a grant for my project?

Tezos willl watch the hackathon closely and best project will have opportunities to apply for a grant.

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